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Product list

DV Fittings

※Hard drainage collector PVC pipe (JIS K 6739)/
JIS Display identification number:JW0407004

VU Fittings

※Outside sewage equipment PVC pipe Fittings (AS38)

Large break Fittings (DV)

Large break Fittings (VU)

Cleaning piece equipment

Specialized Fittings

VU Specialized Fittings

DV Specialized Fittings

VU Fittings - transparent

Confirm the status of adhesive coating.

Color Fittings

Enhance weather resistance resources: New products’ color doesn’t fade as much over time

HT-DV Fittings

From normal temperatures to 90℃, high temperature drainage collector Fittings

Agriculture equipment

SU Fittings

LP Fittings



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