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SizeColorProduct numberT codeNotesQuantityDesign cost (yen)My list
50 - 171336100T_5050 340 add to My list
65 - 171344100T_6520 590 add to My list
75 - 171352100T_7515 690 add to My list
100 - 171379100T_1007 1,420 add to My list
75x50 - 171387100T_75x5020 640 add to My list
100x50 - 171395100T_100x5010 1,120 add to My list
100x65 - 171409100T_100x658 1,230 add to My list
100x75 - 171417100T_100x758 1,400 add to My list
Quantity (A) / B in case of a form (A) the quantity inside the small box, B the quantity inside a regular box.
In the case that “-“ is displayed in the color field, there’s a product with an unspecified color. Please confirm by photograph, etc.

Product photographs

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This company’s address:
〒 500-8721
9-27, Kandamachi, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8721, Japan

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