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Information for the 47th exhibit for Pipe construction machinery・Equipment integration

47th Pipe construction machinery・Equipment integration
From July 28th, Tokyo International Exhibition Hall Opening at Tokyo Big Site “No. 47 Pipe Construction Material ・Equipment Integration Exhibit” on display, “New product introduction, new system creation” opening, every sort of component for duplex pipe joints including flat cleaning opening, etc. TOEIKANKI original newly developed commodity exhibit. Especially, house, etc. and including application about sprinkling and raindrops sprinkling etc. display.
 “47th Pipe construction material・Equipment integration equipment overview”
■Dates: Heisei 27, July 28 (Tuesday) - July 30 (Thursday) 10:00 - 17:00
■Place: Tokyo International Exhibition Hall Tokyo Big Site East 4 Hall
■Our company booth: B-63
※ For pre-registration and smooth entrance see the official site website for the site below
Duplex pipe joints series Coping with the duplex pipe joints for the June year 27 adoption of water pollution control law. Until now fittings’ difference in body casting improvements in construction constraints while keeping costs down・dealing with short payment terms.
Not only elbow・cheese, etc. fittings products but also implementation of end cap ・single variance union・ pipe spacer single body casting series.
Exhibitions for necessary valve box and fronge box, etc. for system piping and suggestions for the matching of necessary components for every customer’s needs.
Flat cleaning opening Cleaning for vertical piping・new products for inspection opening and necessary products for space-saving. Regarding assuring necessary products for a residence’s space for indoor piping.


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