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“Exhibit information for Kyushu Agro・Innovation 2015”

Exhibition opening from June 23 Marinmesse Fukuoka “Kyushu Agro・Innovation 2015”, New approaches to “Group Power Concentration Kyushu District’s Agriculture field expansion” Displays for sprinkling tubes and mist nozzles ・Agricultural raw material・distribution containers, pallets・foodstuff containers and commodities for every utility.

Especially house utilization, etc. exhibits including those for applications about sprinkling and raindrop sprinkling, etc.
Expectations for countless attendees.

【“Agro・Innovation 2015 Overview”】
■Time: Heisei 27, June 23 (Tuesday)・24 (Wednesday) 10:00 - 17:00
■Place: Marinmesse Fukuoka
■Our company booth: B-12
→For pre-registration and smooth entrance see the official site website for the site below http://www.jma.or.jp/ai/  
TOEIKANKI CO.,LTD. Exhibition product: “Raindrop tube (SAVE DRIP) Keisui” Title: SAVE DRIP With Keisui vegetables and fruits can be cultivated even in the desert!
Exhibition product: “Wall mist” Title: All vinyl chloride made circular mist nozzles・flat performace
GIFU PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Exhibition product: texel・bio container as well as pallets
Title: Environmental Consideration Model for the Implementation of Lightening the Weight of Original Plant Resin for each alloy, distribution of raw materials
RISUPACK CO.,LTD. Bio sales department Exhibition product: 100% plant origin “Bio・neuto series” foodstuff containers
Title: Looking Towards the Realization of Sustainable Societies, Reporting the Degree of Freshness in Fresh-picked Vegetables and Fruits


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9-27, Kandamachi, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8721, Japan

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