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Showa 40 (1965), May
Tokyo Setagayaku, Minamikarasuyama, by means of capital stock of 5,000,000 yen, the aim of the manufacture and selling of PVC pipes and Fittings, TOEI KANKI CO., LTD. was established
Showa 41(1966), September
Main objective of a manufacturing plant in Gifu Prefecture, Seki-City’s TOEI TSUGITESEIZOU CO., LTD. (capital stock 3,000,000 yen) was established
Showa 43 (1968), November
Establishment of Sapporo sales office
Showa 44 (1969), Feburary
Establishment of Sendai sales office
Showa 44 (1969), April
Capital stock increased to 20,000,000 yen
Showa 45 (1970), April
Saitama Prefecture, Kawaguchi-city, Kawaguchi sales office was established
Show 45 (1970), September
Capital stock increased to 35,000,000 yen
Showa 46 (1971), January
Capital stock increased to 48,000,000 yen
Showa 46 (1971), September
Osaka-city, Hirano-ku, Osaka sales office was established
Toyama-city, Hokuriku sales office was established
Showa 46 (1971), November
Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima sales office was established
Showa 46 (1971), December
Fukuoka-city, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka sales office was established
Showa 49 (1974), December
Authorization for TOEI TSUGITESEIZOU CO., LTD. Japan Industrial Standards factory was accepted
Showa 50 (1975), August
TOEI TSUGITESEIZOU CO., LTD. capital stock increase 96,000,000 yen
Showa 50 (1975), October
Merger of TOEI KANKI CO., LTD. and TOEI TSUGITESEIZOU CO., LTD. turning to the name Japan Industrial Standards authorized factory
(JIS K 6739 Drainage collector PVC pipe Fittings authorized number 474042)
Capital stock increased to 144,000,000 yen
Showa 50 (1975), November
Capital stock increased to 250,000,000 yen
Showa 51 (1976), December
Gifu factory accredited of Japanese Industrial Standard display certification
(JIS K 6743 Drainage collector PVC pipe・Fittings authorized number 476065)
Showa 52 (1977), February
Establishment of Tokyo sales office
Showa 52 (1977), March
Sewage PVC pipe Fittings (company) Japan Water Works Association inspection passed
Showa 52 (1977), September
Establishment of Nagoya sales office
Showa 55 (1980), March
(company) Japan Water Works Association designated examination agency factory registration
Showa 55 (1980), August
Tokyo・Osaka business location branch changed
Showa 60 (1985), August
Kawaguchi business location branch changed
Showa 63 (1988), October
PVC pipes・Fittings association affiliation
Showa 63 (1988), November
Establishment of Sano local office
Heisei 2 (1990), May
Capital stock increased to 300,000,000 yen
Heisei 3 (1991), May
Sano business location branch changed
Establishment of Himeji sales office
Heisei 4 (1992), October
Nagoya business location branch changed
Heisei 7 (1995), July
Gifu factory (company) Japan subject to certification of the Japan Sewage Works Association sewer for capital equipment manufacturing plant
(Certification number sewer for rigid PVC tube No. 022101)
Heisei 8 (1996), May
Production of grids for resin for drainage facilities organization
(presently: Plastics・Masmanhall Associated affiliation)
Heisei 9 (1997), September
Sano sales office moved, Asikaga sales office changed
Heisei 12 (2000), June
Gifu factory ISO9002:1994 certification acquired
Heisei 15 (2003), June
Gifu factory ISO9001: 2000 certification acquired
Heisei 16 (2004), August
Establishment of Okinawa sales office
Heisei 21 (2009), June
Gifu factory ISO9001: 2008 certification acquired
Heisei 22 (2010), November
Nagoya branch Gifu warehouse established
Heisei 23 (2011), August
Became a consolidated subsidiary of Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Heisei 24 (2012), January
Moved main office to Gifu Prefecture, Gifu-city, Kandamachi
Heisei 24 (2012), March
Integrated the joint sales department of Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., and opened a Sales Division for specialized parts
Heisei 24 (2012), April
Change moved Nagoya branch to Chubu branch
Heisei 24 (2012), June
Establishment of Fukushima sales office
Heisei 24 (2012), October
Establishment of Mikawa sales office
Heisei 25 (2013), March
Transfer changed Ashikaga a sales office to Kita Kanto office
Heisei 25 (2013), June
Establishment of Minami Kyushu sales office
Heisei 26 (2014), September
Himeji transfer the sales office (Himeji-city Tamate)
Establishment of Gunma sales office (Isesaki-city Nishikubo-cho)
Moved sales division to Seki-city
Heisei 27 (2015), September
Fukushima sales offices merged with Sendai sales office, and opened as the Sendai branch


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9-27, Kandamachi, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8721, Japan

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