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From a comfortable environment to the next generation…
After the establishment of our company in 1965 PVC pipe Fittings has become the focus, we are proud to be the provider of water and sewer services raw materials as well as plumbing equipment, and the manufacture and sale of construction materials.
At the Gifu factory, our experience of covering various types of Fittings and developing techniques for many years, a labor-saving integrated production system, we have been striving to improve quality day and night while keeping costs low, we are proud to note that our customers have found great satisfaction with our complete set of finished products.
In addition, at our nationwide branches, at our places of business, we keep stock for our products, and a system of prompt deliveries has been established, we are making steadfast efforts to offer top-notch service for our customers.
With our experience and knowledge that spans many years, we are gathering all the necessary information to keep up with the fast-changing times by focusing our attention on research initiatives and requests made at markets for high quality supplies at the best prices, our company will endeavor to continue to make great contributions to the industry.

President , Eita Ohmatsu

Company overview

Company name
Company headquarter’s address
9-27, Kandamachi, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8721, Japan
May 26, 1965
Capital stock
300,000,000 yen
Managing Director Company President Omatsu Toshiyuki
Number of employees
228 employees (As of Mar. 2018)


Industry details

  1. Hard quality PVC lined stell pipes as well as the manufacture and sale of drainage Fittings
  2. Sale of vinyl chloride pipes for each area’s type of pipe material
  3. Each previous number ancillary stock enterprise

Important bank transactions

  • The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • The Juroku Bank,Ltd.
  • The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.

Related companies

  • Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (parent company)
  • RISU Co., Ltd.
  • RISU KOGYO Co., Ltd.
  • RISU PACK Co., Ltd.




This company’s address:
〒 500-8721
9-27, Kandamachi, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8721, Japan

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